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Pajama Jammy Jam
Valentine's Party
Mary Carey appearance
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Boot, Boobs, & Buckles

Come on in this weekend April 25 & 26 with your PBR rodeo ticket & get 1/2 price admission. Enjoy the country western music, belt buckle contest, &  Yee- Haw competition!  

Pajama Jammy Jam

Make Big Earl's Goldmine one of your stops for Valentine's Day!!! Couples come dressed in Pajamas & Lingerie & join the sexiest couples contest. Single ladies wear your sexiest lingerie to be win the "Sexiest Lingerie" contest. There will be a lap dance contest for the ladies that want to show their man some hot, heavy Valentine action. 
Wear Lingerie/Pajamas & get in for $14, daily dress gets you in for $20. Come on in to enjoy a hot,sexy,Valentine's Day. Come as a couple or single ladies & gentlemen. Guest Dj & more sexiness then you've ever imagined at Big Earl's Goldmine Pajama Jammy Jam!!! Friday February 14th, 2014. Party starts @10pm.

Valentine's Party

Valentine's Pajama Jammy Jam

We will be having a Valentine's Party on of course Valentine's Day!!! It's not just a holiday for the ladies anymore!Guys bring the ladies with you, matter of fact stop by and grab her some sexy lingerie to wear. Yep we are also giving away prizes to the "Sexiest Couple" & the "Sexiest Lady in Lingerie". This is a couples holiday this year for sure at Big Earl's Goldmine! We want couples & singles to have a great time. You will get a discount on the admission if your dressed in Pajamas or Lingerie. 
There will be guest DJ's & prize give aways all night. The admission will be $20 unless your dressed in PJ's or Lingerie, then you will get in for $14. 
For all you single guys & gals come on in by yourselves, wear your Lingerie or PJ's to get in for $14. We will be picking out the "Sexiest Couple" & the "Sexiest Lady wearing Lingerie". There will be a couples lap dance contest as well. Ladies that gives you the chance to show your man all your sexiness on stage!!!  You always thought you could do it better? Well we are giving you the chance to show him & all of us that you can. You will be put on stage with your significant other, & given one song to give the sexiest lap dance. The audience will decide the winner of the contests. Come alone or with your significant other!!!! 
All the Big Earls Goldmine Diamond Girls will be on deck for some personal private entertainment all night long. The Diamond Girls will be available for private entertainment with couples in the lap dance area & VIP rooms.  
Don't miss out on the best party of the year thus far ! The Valentine's Pajama Jammy Jamm!!!! 

Mary Carey appearance

     The amazing Mary Carey was here in June on the 21 & 22. Everyone that came out had a chance to hang out with her. She is absolutely the sweetest, sexiest, feature to grace the Big Earl's Goldmine stage yet. 
     I would like to thank everyone that came out to show their support & love for Mary Carey. We had so much fun with her.
     We will be having the beautiful Alexis Texas at Big Earl's Goldmine in August so be sure to keep looking for the special appearance dates so you don't miss out. 

     Thanks again,

XXX Porn Star

Marey Carey

XXX Porn Star will be appearing at

 Big Earl's Goldmine June 21-22.

Come enjoy the sexy, fun, energetic shows on both nights.

She will also be available for VIP's & Private Dances, as well as pictures after her shows. You will be able to meet her, 
& play with her. 

She has appeared on many of your favorite shows, such as Celebrity Rehab, & Playboy TV.
She also ran for office in California. Come find out why everyone loves Marey  

Memorial Weekend

Welcome back Big Earl's fans,
   I hope your warm weather is treating you well. We are approaching our Memorial Day Weekend. With that everyone at Big Earl's Goldmine would like to thank all of our fallen soldiers for our freedom.  We will also be closed on Monday, May 28, 2012, for the holiday. 
   With the Memorial Day Holiday coming to an end, it begins the Summer festivities. We will be adding many new entertainment, details to the menu at Big Earl's Goldmine. Keep on the watch for our new Diamond Girls.  As well as the upcoming contests for all the guys & girls to have a chance to win some great cash & prizes. 
   Don't forget about Father's Day it's fast approaching as well. If you'd like to buy Pop's the perfect gift, we can help with that. Ladies, if you would like to show your Baby daddy how much you appreciate him, don't forget to stop by the club on your way home. He will definitely be ready to return the sexy favor when you get home.  We will also be having a special LAP DANCE contest you can enter with your man on Father's Day. For more details stayed tuned to the Big Earl's facebook page, or call club @ 515-237-9902. 
   Thanks again for all your continued support at Big Earl's Goldmine. Have a safe and wonderful holiday weekend. Don't forget to stop out and show some love At 4745 NW 2nd Ave. Show your Military ID on Sunday & get in free. Cya soon. 

Drake Relays Afterhours

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Welcome to Big Earl's Goldmine Drake Relays After hours!!! The only place in town that EVERYONE comes to play after hours. Where all your Urban/Hip Hop entertainment goes down after hours. Special guest appearances from all the hottest, upcoming artist, traveling through for Drake Relays. Come in and enjoy all the beautiful ladies that travel to Big Earls Goldmine just for this weekend. Don't miss out, this only happens once a year. This is it!

2012 Brings us Giovonty Blissett, with guest star Seqret will be gracing the stage on Friday. With special guests like Young Dro, and Project Pat stopping thru to hang out with Gio & friends. Saturday will be the Booty Contest!!  "Coeke G"  will stopping by to perform, along with many other local artists on Sunday.

The after hour festivities will begin @ 2:00 am - will go till the sun comes up. This only happens once a year. So don't miss out!!!! Friday, Saturday, & Sunday

The Contest Winners

Maybe you've heard a few of the ladies talking about a special contest they are trying to win at the club.  The club has decided to reward all our beautiful, hard working, ladies. 
Every month of  2012 there are two winners. One lady will be the winner of the Highest avg. VIP sales, second winner has the highest avg. in private dances. Each lady receives extra points for doing double VIP/Private Dances. The ladies must work an average of  3days / week. 
January winners were
Highest Average VIPs - Seqret & Imani- a tie
Highest Average in Private Dances - Jizzelle

February winners
Highest Average VIPs - Apple
Highest Average Private Dances- Justice & Angela- a tie

The winners are announced at the end of the next month. So March's winners will be announced at the end of April.  That gives us time to get all the gifts together and tally all their hard work up. In January the ladies got plane tickets to LasVegas.  In February the ladies got designer purses, clothes, gift cards to Victoria Secret, and designer perfume.  The winner for March is sure to be a surprise to everyone, including herself. 
Dont forget to stop in and support your favorite lady. Help her be a WINNER!!!

Hello Everyone,
I haven't announced the winners for the last few months.Yes, we are still having the contest and have had a winners each month. 
The winners for March were
Highest Average VIPs - Justice
Highest Average Private Dances-Angela

The winner for April 
The Highest Average VIPs- Veronica

The winners for May were
The Highest Average VIPs- Georgia
The Highest Average Private Dances- Savannah

Please stop in and congratulate all the winners. Check out why their winning skills.They couldn't have won these wonderful prizes without. I will be posting the winners for June asap.

Hello again everybody, 
I am back with all the winners for June, July, & August. Oh yes, I'm actually on time this month with August. Maybe even a little early ;) 

The winners for June were
Highest Average VIPs - Sky
Highest Average Private Dances - Sophia

The Winners for July were
Highest Average VIPs - Georgia
Highest Average Private Dances - Lexi

The Winners for August were
Highest Average VIPs - Chance
Highest Average Private Dances - Harmony

Make sure you stop by to find out why they are winners!!!! Show your love & support, & thanks for all the love & support you've been showing. 

Warm weather events

Springtime is here! 
Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, I hope you are enjoying all the great weather we have been having.  Now that spring is here, you know what that means.... Drake relays is right around the corner. That means all kinds of beautiful, lovely, ladies from all over the country will soon be flooding our stages. To help entertain all the people that will be coming in town and needing some special entertainment 
The warm weather is very busy for the club. We have many special events and fun things going on this time of year. We are also working on another VIP party for all those that were invited to the last one, get for it to be even better this time around. Be sure not to miss out on this one. Make sure you sign up for the VIP list on the website. There will also be special appearances from some very special people.  Special parties, out F.A.T. girl contest, and much more.
Thank you 
Big Earl's Goldmine

Birthday Celebrations

Hello everyone,
I just wanted to stop by and thank everyone that came out on Saturday the 25th for the birthday celebrations. A couple really cool friends of the club Zeek & Jeff decided to celebrate their Birthday with us this year. They invited many of their friends & family to join the celebration with them here @ Big Earl's Goldmine. I felt it appropriate to send them a thank you for choosing Big Earl's Goldmine to celebrate their special day with us. 
Everyone had a great time and fill the club to capacity. The girls enjoyed entertaining all of you. Alot of these people had never been to Big Earl's Goldmine & many are regular patrons. So the crowd was very diverse to say the least. Throughout the evening the Birthday boys were seen socializing throughout the club, toasting and introducing each other to the others friends. The two celebrations went over very well separately & together.
Thank you Jeff  & Zeek for allowing all your family & friends to join you @ Big Earl's Goldmine for your special day. Happy Birthday to you and all the other Pisces.
Don't forget that Big Earl's Goldmine can be your party headquarters as well.  
Cya soon,
Big Earl's Goldmine